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Print and Mail Application: 


This option allows you to get a "pdf" copy of the application. You  can print the document, fill the appropriate fields, sign it, put it in an envelope with a check for the appropriate amount, and send it to COAN Tennis Association.

Apply for Membership online: (Online form is under construction. Thank you for your patience.)


This option allows you to complete the application online. A form will be presented to you. Make the appropriate choices, fill in the information in the fields provided, then press the "Submit and Pay" button at the bottom of the page. You will be redirected to the COAN Tennis Association payment processing site (for payment with a credit card). There you can select "COAN Membership". This will cause the types of memberships available to be displayed. Select the one you have applied for, and press "Checkout".

You will be asked to "sign in" or "create a new account". Once your information has been added or retrieved, you will be taken to PayPal. Fill in the requested information.

Contact Us


Our Vision
:  To grow an organization of tennis players and
non-tennis players who give back to the community,
emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Complete only if you are purchasing a family membership:

List Children who are in household who will be members:

Please pay online or mail check/money order to CTA, P.O. Box 170185, Atlanta, GA 30317
Select a Membership ($)

Thank you for your membership

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