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CTA offers free tennis instruction to Juniors ages 6 through 18 and Beginning Adults. Sessions will be on Tuesday and Thursdays starting at 6:15 pm until 7:30 pm. The lessons will run April 2, 2024 through August 1, 2024.  CTA provides balls and rackets for use during the class.

All participants are required to:

  • Present a completed registration form (parental approval)

  • Wear tennis shoes & comfortable clothing

  • Arrive on-time for each session

  • Display respect to coaches, fellow participants, and the sport of tennis


Our objective is to introduce the six basic strokes of tennis emphasizing preparation, contact point and follow-through. We also hope to build your self-esteem as you learn tennis etiquette and the merits of good sportsmanship.

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COAN 2024 Spring

COAN 2024 Spring

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Tuesday/Thursday Free Lessons
“Things you should know”

•All coaches and assistants are volunteers             

  (No one is getting paid; We do this to give back)


•We have three six-week sessions with one week break May 14th & May 16th and July 2nd & July 4th.


•Arrive on time 6:15 pm, initial sign-up sheet, get a racquet and start warming up (stretch and exercises).

•Help gather up all the balls and racquets at the end of each lesson 7:30 pm.


•We have coaches that charge for small group and private lessons. If you are interested, speak with Coach Janet, Coach Mike or Coach Yusef.

•Coan Tennis Association is a non-profit organization. If you can volunteer a few hours to the administration, activities or fundraisers of CTA, please consider becoming a member.  Talk to us.

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